Anton Ginzburg
Anton Ginzburg

The first two books in a trilogy by artist Anton Ginzberg, these luxuriously produced books use a range of archival materials, writings, papers, inks, and modes of representation to evoke each epic project.

Anton Ginzburg: Walking the Sea tracks the artist’s exploration of the Aral Sea, an inland salt-water sea that lies between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan which has been shrinking steadily since the 1960s. Correlating ecology and mythology with psychoanalytic concepts, Walking the Sea connects the Aral Sea to a range of disparate conceptual discourses, making the sea an intersectional hub of inquiry. The book features an essay by art historian Claudia Schmukli as well as an interview with Ginzburg conducted by Dan Graham.

Anton Ginzburg: At the Back of the North Wind presents the culmination of the artist’s journey in search of Hyperborea, a mythical region thought to be located “beyond the Boreas” (the north wind). Mixing artifact with mythology, and history with invention, the project’s wide-ranging material includes a 45-minute film, still photographs; sculptures; topological maps; and site-specific framed works alongside newly commissioned essays by Jeffrey Kastner and curator Matthew Drutt; a conversation between Boris Groys and the artist; and a process documentation section including notes, objects, photographs, and other ephemera.

Adam Michaels, Anna Rieger

8 ¼ × 11 inches

200 pages, hardcover