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Actions: What You Can Do with the City

Actions, an exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal, explores how everyday human efforts can instigate positive change in contemporary cities. Activities such as gardening, recycling, playing, and walking are pushed beyond their usual definition by the 99 international architects, artists, and collectives featured in the exhibition. These experimental interactions with the urban environment show the potential for new forms of participation by city residents. The exhibition itself was designed in collaboration with the CCA, which includes a large number of print pieces intended to provide a material form for documentation of ephemeral urban activities. The exhibition travelled to the Graham Foundation in Chicago in 2009 and the X Bienal de Arquitetura de São Paulo in 2013.


Adam Michaels, Chris Wu, Isabelle Vaverka
Views of the installation at the CCA
© CCA, Montréal. Photo Michel Legendre