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Anne Tyng: Inhabiting Geometry

Anne Tyng: Inhabiting Geometry presents the sculptural works of the visionary architect, theorist, and pioneer of habitable space-frame architecture. After working closely with Louis Kahn and influencing many of his major works, Tyng went on to independently conduct a life-long study of advanced geometry, mathematical forms, and their application to built forms in a range of scales.

The 2011 exhibition, presented at the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia and Graham Foundation in Chicago, featured room-size models of five platonic solids created in collaboration with architect Srdjan Weiss. The catalogue features documentation from both installations, in addition to supplementary materials, including drawings, plans, models, and an illustrated timeline of Tyng’s significant life and work.

7 ½ × 10 inches
112 pages, softcover

Adam Michaels, Kim Sutherland