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Hilbert Museum of California Art

The Hilbert Museum of California Art, located at the Southwest corner of the Chapman University campus in Orange, California, was renovated by Johnston Marklee to unite the existing museum, an adaptive reuse of an old warehouse, with an adjacent industrial building previously used as a dance studio, by adding a new open-air courtyard.

IN-FO.CO’s environmental graphics at the Hilbert Museum draw from Orange’s rich history as an agricultural city. The new graphics, prominently displayed through large-scale marquee supergraphics on each building corner, not only increase the museum’s visibility but also serve as a visual homage to the city’s past. The typeface ATF Franklin Gothic, a nod to 19th-century American advertising logos and billboards, was chosen for its bold lettering that echoes the block-like nature of the site’s architecture.

Shannon Harvey, Adam Michaels, Siyun Oh, Kevin Lee
Photos by Eric Staudenmaier