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Over the past two decades, MNLA has worked on landscape architecture projects ranging from Governors Island Park to Lincoln Center, Hunts Point Landing, and many more. Their practice embraces catalytic and performative landscapes that deepen cultural expression and reinvigorate spaces.

The new identity and website were commissioned to better showcase the impressive range of their clients and completed projects. The website features large, vibrant images to draw different audiences in, while a ‘quick-read’ insights-sharing module and ‘micro-stories’ highlight the unique aspects of each project in an approachable way. The site also features ‘living statistics’—auto-generated data about the current landscape conditions of each project site delivered in real time—and maps that direct mobile users to visit MNLA’s projects in the area, emphasizing specificity of place and experiential aspects of landscape design.


Adriana Ramić, Chris Wu, Shannon Harvey, Prem Krishnamurthy