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Susan Buck-Morss

The work of professor and political philosopher Susan Buck-Morss employs Walter Benjamin’s broad theory of the image as a methodology of research and exploration. Taking these ideas as guiding principles, the website serves as a distinct archive and platform for the development of her ongoing work.

Two main axes comprise the backbone of the site. Buck-Morss’ constellations of selected images frame a spatial and associative navigation, while her texts follow a more traditional, linear structure. These two axes are then hyperlinked: clicking an image within a constellation scrolls the page to its position within the corresponding text, and closing a text panel brings the corresponding constellation back to the fore.

A research panel enables full search for the site’s texts, and an image archive allows for visually contextual browsing. Additional technical features include a database that configures scholarly citations as database objects; printer-friendly formatting of long texts; Tumblr integration; and an extended Markdown syntax that allows for figure numeration and image positioning of insets, comparisons, and other configurations within the texts.

Adam Michaels, Rob Giampietro, Andrew LeClair, Simon Lagneaux