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Loisos + Ubbelohde

Loisos + Ubbelohe (L+U) is an unconventional practice dedicated to sustainability and human comfort. Collaborating with architects on light and energy projects they aspire to design buildings and systems that can “sail”— working with energies on-site to keep occupants comfortable, healthy, and inspired.

IN-FO.CO’s identity and website design highlights the firm’s unique ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity and humor. The site is designed to showcase in-depth technical expertise in an accessible way, allowing for different speeds of reading, without dumbing down the details.

The Lab section demonstrates L+U’s hands-on approach to problem-solving and highlights their extensive teaching and research practice. Whether debunking the ecological myths of vernacular architecture or detailing high-level modeling of energy transmission and reflections the Lab entries provide a resource for anyone interested in the technological and environmental grounding of architectural experience.

Shannon Harvey, Michael Aberman, Kent Miller